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Instytut Filologii Angielskiej
Wolny Ryszard
Gadzina Tomasz Łukasz, Contemporary Australian Fiction. Tim Winton: Narrating the Country and Nation, Defense Date: 27-04-2017, Title date:11-05-2017
Instytut Nauk o Rodzinie
Morciniec Piotr
Kmiecik Barbara, Dążenie do pełni człowieczeństwa : studium teologicznomoralne w oparciu o pisma Edyty Stein (Św. Teresy Benedykty od Krzyża) , Defense Date: 25-06-2014
Wydział Chemii [6]
Czaja Krystyna
Barton-Pudlik Joanna, Preparation and characterization of polimer composites containing plant fillers, Defense Date: 28-09-2017, Title date:19-10-2017
Lipok Jacek [2]
Drzyzga Damian Piotr, Catalyzed by cyanobacteria, transformations of industrially used phosphonic metal ions complexones, Defense Date: 12-10-2017, Title date:19-10-2017
Wieczorek Piotr [2]
Górka Bogusława Marta, New procedures for the separation and determination of biologically active compounds from algae, Defense Date: 01-03-2018, Title date:15-03-2018
Wojtasek Hubert
Drop Adam Piotr, Stereoselective reactions of enolate ions of butanodiacetal derivatives and their application in the synthesis of disparlure and monachalure, Defense Date: 22-09-2017, Title date:19-10-2017

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