(Pseudo)mit (pseudo)założycielski -"Pierwsi Galicjanie" Władysława Łozińskiego

Aneta Mazur


Pierwsi Galicjanie. Powieść z przeszłości [The first Galicians. A novel of the past] (1867) represents interesting literary evidence of the first period after the Partitions of Poland on the annexed territories under the Austrian rule (Lviv, 1793–1795); its eclectic historical plot is characterized by elements of journalism, satire, farce, melodrama and poetical historiosophy metaphors. There is no myth as such to be found here, still the text reveals several “mythologizing” procedures. First of all, Łoziński’s novel seeks for the roots of the new (Polish as well as German) identity of Galician citizens – either by celebrating the latest independence and underground movements as a new national “founding myth” (both in the heroic sense and the comic one: struggle against Austrian bureaucracy), or by presenting servile career in the service of the empire. Another kind of the “founding myth” for the future, which the novel points out, is the case of the descendants of Austrian officials, who have become Polonized of their own free will as “the first Galicians”, too. There are also aesthetically relevant “myth” patterns in the text, such as: associations with famous poem by Mickiewicz Pan Tadeusz [Sir Thaddeus] or with semi-mythical prophet Wernyhora, heroization (demonization) of some archetypical protagonists, and, particularly, symbolic episodes of Bogusławski’s theatre activity, which evoke “mythical” sacrum of national tradition (versus profanum of political history). Last but not least, seen from the contemporary perspective, the very Łoziński’s work it self matters as an element of the important “myth” of Polish identity, that is the myth of the Eastern Borderlands.
Author Aneta Mazur (FP / IPiK)
Aneta Mazur,,
- Instytut Polonistyki i Kulturoznawstwa
Other language title versionsA (pseudo)founding myth of Galicia in the novel "Pierwsi Galicjanie" by Władysław Łoziński
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Book Brzozowska-Dybizbańska Sabina, Dybizbański Marek (eds.): Mity założycielskie w literaturze XIX wieku, 2018, Uniwersytet Opolski, ISBN 978-83-7395-787-9, 236 p.
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